Network Design Research Center : NDRC

The objective of the NDRC is to design the technologies in terms of network engineering and service applications over the networks so that information network and social system become dependable partners for truly supporting idea, action, and cooperation of human beings. For this purpose, we cooperate with many researchers in various fields, the industrial-government-academic and the communities in different fields.
In the network engineering field, our research target is complex, diverse and large-scale networks. We have many research topics for effective control of the networks.

Research Fields<
・ Wide-area and High-speed Network
・ Wireless and Mobile Networks(Mesh networks, Heterogeneous Networks)
・ Large-scale and complex networks
・ DTN (Delay/Disconnect/Disruption Tolerant Network)
・ P2P (Peer to Peer) Networks
・ Wireless Sensor Networks

・ Wireless Resource Scheduling( Handover control, Cognitive Radio, etc. )
・ High-speed Data Transfer Protocols
・ Greening Network Engineering
・ Information Exchange / Sharing technology over P2P
・ Network Measurement
・ Routing

Evaluation Technique
・ Analytical Evaluation
・ Queueing Theory
・ Optimization Theory
・ Information Theory
・ Biologic Evolution Theory (Genetic Algorithm, Evolutional Algorithm, etc.)
・ Physics (Thermal Diffusivity, Renormalization, etc.)
・ Software (Simulator, Numerical Analysis)
・ NS2 (Network Simulator ver. 2)
・ QualNet
・ Matlab
・ Mathematica

Moreover, network robots, resource allocation for decentralized processing environment, and comfortable interface for human-beings, and KANSEI information processing are developed in the network application field.

Research fields
・ Networks for supporting robots
・ Resource Allocation for Decentralized Processing Environment
・ Comfortable interface for human-beings
・ KANSEI information processing
・ Network Communities Establishment Support